Education and Public Dialogue

Emergency Preparedness Conference for Persons with Disabilities

HCWCF coordinated a one day conference for persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers in Hillsborough County. The conference included presentations and exhibits by Hillsborough Emergency Operations Center, Tampa Police Department, American Red Cross, Department of Health, Self Reliance, Hillsborough County ADA Office and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Chief Meteorologist Steve Jerve of News Channel 8 and Anchor Reginald Roundtree of Tampa Bay’s 10 were speakers. Staff developed the program with input from a planning group including representatives of the Hillsborough County ADA Office, American Red Cross, Self Reliance, YES of America United, Tampa Bay AIDS Network, Goodwill, Center for Autism and Related Disorders and many others. The conference was funded in part by the Florida Disability Task Force.

The goal of the EPA grant funded Lead Education and Awareness Project was to reduce the incidence of childhood lead poisoning and raise community awareness through educational outreach in Hardee, Highlands, and Polk Counties. The Lead Education and Awareness Project’s activities were guided by a local Task Force. LEAP accomplishments included:

  • Designed and distributed a Physician Tool Kit to 200 family practice physicians and pediatricians
  • Conducted four Train the Trainer sessions on lead poisoning and prevention for 48 people who can serve a community trainers
  • Provided two Lead Safe Work Practices Training sessions for 36 city/county code enforcement and health department staff, housing and weatherization providers and home renovators
  • Provided CEU training to 28 Parish Nurses
  • Developed a training video
  • Placed educational ads on nine radio stations
  • Developed and distributed a long term Strategic Plan
  • LEAP Strategic Plan
  • LEAP Conference Poster

Physician Tool Kit – Click on each item below.

Health Care West Florida Past Projects

Mammography Outreach Project (MOP)

The Mammography Outreach Project provided targeted women in Manatee and Polk Counties with training about breast cancer and mammography to increase the use of mammography as a diagnostic tool. MOP used media ads as well as lay educators to reach women and teach them about the facts of breast cancer and available community resources for mammography. Presentations by lay educators were made at community sites and private homes. MOP was funded by the Florida Department of Health.

MOP Conference Poster

Southwest Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (SWCCC)

Under contract with the Florida Department of Health the Health Council provided staff support to the Southwest Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (SWCCC) by expanding and building capacity of the membership; maintaining the data base of partners, the subscriber list, and the website; identifying funding opportunities; and convening and providing support for SWCCC meetings.

SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest

The Health Council of West Central Florida and the SHADE Foundation partnered on the 11th Annual SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest for Florida school children in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. The national contest educated children about sun safety and the dangers of UV exposure. The Health Council coordinated the judging of all Florida submissions.

Health Care West Florida Past Projects